Paw’s-n-Claw’s Pet Care Palace offers a variety of luxury spaces for our furry friends. You can relax on your next vacation knowing that your pets are in good hands, and being treated like a Queen or King.

**New boarding clients will need to schedule a Meet & Greet appointment before their stay.

While staying with us, your pet will enjoy an upscale, glass-front suite with soft bedding, relaxing lullaby music, and lots of personal attention by our Pet Care Technicians!

Our canine guests receive at least 4 off-leash outdoor sessions daily in our play yards for maximum health and well-being for no additional charge.

Every pet guest receives personal attention and interaction with our caregivers so they feel comfortable and safe, and any health or well-being concerns can be addressed quickly.

Several additional services are available for a small fee to add delight and comfort for every boarding guest. Here’s some of our additional amenities:
  • Dog DayPlay- Play with other social dogs (must be assessed prior to services)
  • Personal Play sessions- Snuggle, play or whatever your pet loves to do one-on-one
  • High Court Breakfast- Scrambled egg with jerky strip
  • High Court Treat- Jerky treats, frosty paws dessert or frozen yogurt cone
  • Movie with Pupcorn- A Disney movie played suite-side with a popcorn treat
  • Grooming S’paw appointment (Bubble Bath, S’paw Groom, Nail trim or Nail File)
  • Bark-About Post on Facebook- Social media post with pictures of your pet
  • Paw-mail- Email update with your pet’s picture
  • Pup-date text- Text update with your pet’s picture

Rates Shown Are for One Pet Per Space

  • King Suite 25sqft (0-200#): $66/day/dog
  • Queen Suite 16sqft (0-80#): $56/day/dog
  • Princess Suite 9sqft (0-40#): $46/day/dog
  • Kitty Condo 2 levels, glass front with separate litter box area: $28/day/cat
  • Small animals and birds: $20/day/cage  (must provide cage and supplies)
*Pets may stay together in the same suite or condo at the pet parents request; however, we reserve the right to separate guests as necessary for safety and comfort.
*All Dog Suites and Cat Condos are glass front and upscale luxury spaces. No cages, bars or chain link. King and Queen Suite guests enjoy built-in benches for ultimate relaxation.
*Canine guests thrive when they have exercise, lots of human interactions and are allowed to eliminate and have “sniff-sation” sessions outdoors on natural surfaces.
*Our canine guests receive individual personal attention, enjoy off-leash adventures during potty sessions and receive room service at least FOUR times daily.
*Feline guests thrive when their personal and individual needs are met, and not one ounce less or more. (If you have a cat; or five, you know what we mean!)
*Our feline guests receive personal attention and room service twice daily.
*Additional services are available to create a unique experience for every guest.
*ALL boarding reservations require a non-refundable deposit to hold the desired Suite.
**Schedule a Meet & Greet tour appointment  to see the difference in our pet care facility!**
**Rates posted online are effective 1/15/2023.**

What You Need to Know

  • Dogs must be vaccinated for Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella (Canine Cough). The Influenza vaccine is highly recommended.
  • Cats must be vaccinated for Rabies and Distemper.
  • Rates are accrued daily.
  • Check out before 10 am Monday through Saturday allows a grace period and no charge is accrued for the day of pick-up.
  • Check out on Sunday or after 10 am requires a full day charge.
  • Each boarding guest is charged a Veterinary Care Warranty of $5/stay/pet. See Welcome Packet for exclusions and coverage.
  • Saturday to Sunday boarding stays are considered a 2 day charge.
  • Non-refundable deposits are required for all boarding guest stays. Deposits are applied to future services.
  • Early pick-up 24 hours or more from the scheduled date of departure forfeits the deposit and/or prepaid services. No refunds.
  • Reservations cancelled 7 days  or less before the reservation date forfeit the deposit. No exceptions.
  • Boarding on a holiday applies a surcharge to the boarding rate of $20/ pet/ holiday.
  • Due to the high level of interaction between our Pet Care Technicians and our pet guests, human aggressive/reactive pets are NOT accepted. Pets who cannot be safely handled by our staff will be ineligible for services.
  • Please bring your pet’s normal diet with feeding instructions in the necessary quantity for their stay. Be aware that calorie requirements may increase  for active pets during boarding stays. Best Breed pet food may be used and charged by meal or by bag if a guest depletes their food supply during their stay.
  • We happily provide SS bowls and fluffy blankets for health and comfort.
  • Oodles of ROYAL TREATMENT  is included in EVERY service.

First time boarding our dog. Lovely staff, clean facility, and happy dog- who could ask for more! Would highly recommend! 🐾 …
Linda M.