Dear Applicant, please read our Paw’s-n-Claw’s position expectations: Our staff is an excellent example of our facility and its level of care forour clients and their pets. We believe that every staff member impacts the level of care equally and no position is more important than another. All staff members are expected to assist each other and will be responsible for cleaning procedures and maintaining an excellent atmosphere and positive attitude.For this reason, it is necessary to hire staff with excellent leadership skills and motivation to follow-through and be responsible for the care of multiple facets of the position without constant over-sight from management. We delight in organized and self-managed staff and create an environmental culture that embodies these qualities. Our Mission, Vision, and Culture tell everything about us as a business

Our mission is to provide high quality, royal treatment to the pets we care for, giving the owner peace of mind; while continuing on a path of never-ending education in the pet care industry.

Our vision is to create a modern, immaculate pet care facility, utilizing the most highly skilled and trained pet care professionals, in an environment that allows us to provide the very best pet care services available.

Honesty: As a person and representative of Paw’s-n-Claw’s, we strive to commit ourselves to honesty at all times; practicing truthful and trustworthy care to our clients and their pets.
Commitment: We commit ourselves 100% to every task, every opportunity, and to every pet and client that we serve and care for at Paw’s-n-Claw’s.
Integrity: We promise to deliver services and products of utmost quality at all times and to recommend the services and products that will truly benefit the pet and its owner.
Communication: We speak positively of our fellow team members, clients and their pets in both public and private. We focus our efforts on teamwork to allow our business to prosper and the pets under our care to receive the best personal attention possible.
Education: We have committed ourselves to the continued education of our employees and clients. We are willingly held to the highest standards and take the opportunity to learn the newest and best services, products, and procedures available in the pet care industry.
Fun: We view our lives and those we come into contact with as an opportunity to promote an atmosphere of fun, happiness, and contentment.

If you feel this embodies you as a person, please continue the application and interview process.

Thank you!
Misty Stephan, RVT
Paw’s-n-Claw’s Pet Care Palace